zondag 10 maart 2013

Taliban Airways – With Further Ado

Taliban Airways – With Further Ado
Badlands Entertainment – 2013
Stoner, Rock, Political
Rating: ****

I was kind of hesitant to review this album after the last one I did (Early Mammal) left a little bit of a foul taste in my ears (if that makes any sense). But I was pleasantly surprised when I got the chance to listen to the new Taliban Airways album, it is actually pretty good. I'm not very political and I understand the message these guys are trying to convey but thankfully they let the music do most of the talking; fuzzy guitars, thumping bass, thrashing drums and there's even harmonica thrown in there for good measure and I liked it! If you close your eyes real tight these guys do sound a lot like Spiritual Beggars and that isn't a bad thing! “Rebel of Revulsion” is a kick ass track and this is where the album really starts to kick into high gear. “Long Way to the Bottom” is where the harmonica really gets a chance to shine but the “piece de resistance” of the entire album has to be “Studmuffin”. If there were ever a song to get a party started, “Studmuffin” would be it. Yes some of the album steers towards politics (as evident on the album cover) but it's still some good ole stoner rock done right.

(Written by Blair)

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