donderdag 21 maart 2013

Lothorian – Welldweller

Lothorian – Welldweller
Acid Cosmonaut Records – 2013
Rock, Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Metal
Rated: ****

Slow, heavy, dirty, damp and relentless. The gradual progress of weathering away granite with drops of water. Ever so slowly the erosion smoothens the surface and through the combination of many chemical processes intricate cave systems are formed. Transformed from a three-piece to a five man strong formation the Belgian born Lothorian adds sound to those subterranean passages. Their album Welldweller grinds away all resistance with distorted riffs and layer upon layer of crag like guitarlines. Floating through the hollow with gritty screams, grimy vocals and hallowed sighs. Underground rapids on occasion by the crashing drums and stomping basswork. It all festers and bubbles in earth worn recesses where gaseous swamps that survived the onslaught of torrential drips. The atmosphere oozes ancient and beautiful dark and intensely raw nature. With an ever present ominous force dwelling there…

(Written by JK)

A much better review by Lucas on his Paranoid Hitsophrenic

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