vrijdag 22 maart 2013

Loading Data – Double Disco Animal Style

Loading Data – Double Disco Animal Style
A Quick One / Deadlight Entertainment – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Robot
Rated: *****

Unfortunately both the Dutch Courage Month and the Rancho De La Luna Month have been postponed due to the excessive amount of new albums and demos landing on our doormat. But The Mad Trist would have been a proud addition to the DCM and this next post is sort of similar to The Mad Trist and would have been a great attachment to the Rancho month. Six years ago the French/American Loading Data showed us their transformed sound that went from strange highly eclectic Nevada style stoner to Palm Desert greatness on Rodeo Ghettoblaster. This time around they went further towards LA with their sound and implored help from Alain Johannes and Nick Oliveri. Hoss Wright (Mondo Generator) and Adam Keller (Rock City Angels) also lend a hand. It leads to a highly recognizable stoner record that grooves, rocks and robots with anti-rhythmic guitar-lines and whimsical drums. A little touch of psychedelic keys, bluesy harmonica and cigar-box strumming added to a truckload of danceable melodies. This exhumes Rancho family from every tiny fiber and longs for blistering sunlight and hot nights. The Mad Trist might be circulating in their vicinity calling out for something they sort of know; but Loading Data give the rat a name!

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  1. WOWAWIEWA! Give The Rat A Name! Gift! O' and so many more great tracks! And the vinyl version has two extra tracks right?!