vrijdag 8 maart 2013

Brujas Del Sol – Moonliner LP

Brujas Del Sol – Moonliner LP
Devouter Records - 2013
Psychedelic, Ambient
Rated: **

Barren pockmarked landscapes with some interesting features floating in an airless void: a description of the moon or Moonliner?  Hypnotic psychedelic drone and ethereal grooves characterize the sound of Columbus, Ohio’s Brujas del Sol, who play astral travel tunes with a monomaniacal bent.  On these six tracks the band likes to find a groove and sink their butts right in it, losing all thought or worldly concern.  Fishing for grooves, the band casts away until something snags and they proceed to reel it in slowly.  There are some finely structured moments on this collection and the band is not above penning the odd straight-forward and might I say, catchy, tune. But what will be left as an overall impression of this album is the psychedelic droniness of their lengthy ambient passages.  Fans of Spacemen 3 and/or The Black Angels will enjoy diving into Brujas del Sol’s world, but be prepared to take a lungful of air with you because the grooves go down, deep down indeed.

(Written by Lucas)

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  1. Diggin this! It floats and explodes like precious Ferran olive pearls.