maandag 25 maart 2013

Boudain – Boudain EP

Boudain – Boudain EP
Self-Released - 2013
Stoner, Sludge
Rated: ****

Some bands need to stew in the pot a while longer than others, especially when the raw ingredients are so different.  It’s not that Boudain is lazy or couldn’t write enough decent material, it’s just that southerners like to take their time.  Though the Monroe, Louisiana based quartet formed in 2006, this eponymous 6-track EP is their debut recording.  What they serve up is a warbling tremor of stoner sludge, a combination of styles which provides a hearty wallop of fuzz n’ buzz.  Boudain is in many ways a bipolar band, devoting time to both extremes of the stylistic spectrum with equal conviction and ability if not in equal measure.  NOLA sludge largely dominates here before a red-eyed and grinning takeover by stoner blues commences toward the end of the EP.  There are other sources of inspiration on display here as well though.  Sabbathian riffs and song structures rear their cowled heads while around the next corner hardcore elements raise a studded fist.   It can be a tad difficult to reconcile the different sides of the band and listeners are excused if initially believing this to be a split or compilation.  At the end of the day ‘Boudain’ is not a dish, but a buffet!

(Written by Lucas)

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  1. Take a plate; knife and fork and keep scooping for this is mighty tasty!!!