woensdag 6 maart 2013

Bliksem – Face The Evil

Bliksem – Face The Evil
Alone Records – 2013
Metal, Trash
Rated: ****

Aah yes; the lightning. That miraculous power of nature. Bliksem is the Dutch word for Lightning and it is also the name of a Belgian female fronted metal formation. They already surprised with their self titled EP released in 2010 and now we are treated to their first complete effort called: Face The Evil. Eight tight compositions that thunder over you and strike hard like an untamable force.  The raw throat of vocalist Peggy sounds like a breath of fresh air compared to most other female metalgrrls. Not opting for the high notes, the easy way outs or the incomprehensible grunts she grinds, screams, shouts and harshes up her lines without ever losing the feminine touch. And then there are the guitars that rumble and gallop and duel and solo and relentlessly chop away at the gruesome foundation. Lightning has struck again and all that remains are the beautiful golden metal ashes swirling through the blackened sky…

(Written by JK)

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