vrijdag 8 februari 2013

Echoes of Yul – Cold Ground

Echoes of Yul – Cold Ground
Avantgarde Music – 2012
Rock, Metal, Post, Experimental, Drone, Kraut
Rated: ***

Experimental by default and somniferously scary by design. The second album Cold Ground by Polish avant-garde metal outfit Echoes of Yul is all of that but might lack something to experience it more than once. Atmospheric streams of noise blend together with krautrock and stoner doom until a point of no return is reached and the trip turns into a terrorizing drone. Summoning up lost souls and ancient spirits that help transport you to otherworldly visions of despair, death and wasted landscapes. At the same time it invokes a disturbing level of alternative meditation and contemplation. Cold Ground is definitely one hell of a trip. An Ayahuasca nightmare of revealing insights and echoes of former transgressions. Ambient, minimalist and hallucinatory. No drugs needed.

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