woensdag 16 januari 2013

Wiht – The Harrowing of The North

Wiht – The Harrowing of The North
Devouter Records – 2013
Rock, Metal, Post, Doom

Yes, you are right. Wiht called it quits in March of 2012 and yes, The Harrowing Of The North was released a year before that. But somewhere lurking on the shelves was one more track that needed to be heard and therefore Devouter Records took it upon themselves to re-release the album only a year later with that extra track. So apart from the 33 minutes of fuzzed out, instrumental, psychedelic and epic musical legend of those two songs everyone can now enjoy an extra nine minutes of heavy conceptualization. Highly dynamic, progressive and simply scorching. Still; a damn shame these guys put down their guitars…

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