woensdag 30 januari 2013

Throne – Avoid The Light

Throne – Avoid The Light
Moonlight Records – 2012
Doom, Sludge, Southern, Stoner, Core, Metal
Rated: ***

A bleak white sunlight rises over a dark and black landscape ridden with corpses filled with diseases and putrefied flesh everywhere. Acid rains, venomous smoke and pure evil fills the blackened skies. Such is the musical picture painted by the Italian fivesome Throne on their first album Avoid The Light. With guttural grunts and crashing drums we are swept along on impressive riffs and guitarlines. Overall the cadence seems to move like a train with a one-way ticket to a destroyed town. But sometimes it turns into the destroyer. Leaving you breathless and weary from the assault. These guys are machiavelling themselves into the kingdom of heavy music. It won’t be long before they ascent the throne themselves!

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