donderdag 17 januari 2013

Sorrow’s Path – The Rough Path Of Nihilism

Sorrow’s Path – The Rough Path Of Nihilism
Rock It Up Records – 2010
Metal, Prog, Sympho, Power, Doom
Rated: ***

The Greek metalheads of Sorrow’s Path are about to release a new album and we therefor quickly and briefly revisit their 2010 album The Rough Path of Nihilism. Their interpretation of classic metal takes hints from the progressive and symphonic side of things. Combine that with some true to the word power metal and pieces of doom and its easy to see where these guys are taking their theatrical feel of heavy music. It has a tragic and huge historic feel inspired by the impressive drums, cutting riffs and weaving guitarlines. The vocals are, like with almost every other metal formation that leans on huge gestures: one to get used to. Let’s see what kind of inspiring stuff they come up with on their new record.

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