donderdag 31 januari 2013

Pombagira – Maleficia Lamiah

Pombagira – Maleficia Lamiah
Black Axis / Infektion – 2013
Rock, Doom, Progressive, Folk, Kraut
Rated: ***

English duo Pombagira is about to return with their fifth album called Maleficia Lamiah. And the journey and the progress that begun on their first is continued; moving ever so slowly away from the traditional doom towards a more psychedelic and earthy atmosphere. It is still dark and it is as heavy as heavy can get. But one can vibe the lighter tone and background to Maleficia. Drawing even more energy from the masters that inspired them they forge ever forward towards a krautrock and drone future; on which they already lightly touch this time around. A first hit of this record makes you wonder and a second one makes you dream. Feel the earth shift and the universe dance as the two aural landscapes pass through your mind…

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