woensdag 16 januari 2013

Moghul – Dead Empires

Moghul – Dead Empires
Devizes Records / Infektion – 2012
Rock, Metal, Doom, Sludge
Rated: *****

These four freaks started only a year ago and have already shared the stage with bands such as Conan, Slab and Alunah. And not only that; but Moghul has also already finished recording their first release. Dead Empires is a two tracks counting heavy ambient doom metal extravaganza that is released in a limited edition of green and black vinyl. The two tracks are carved out with three vocalists, two guitars, one bass and a drummer and excels in painting a bleak and elemental picture. This is crashing water, incinerating fire and devastating wind. And just as you feel the earth shattering around you the weight is lifted and an intense groove sweeps you away to have you participate in some ancient ritualistic dance macabre. Colossal riffs and a dragging animal tempo executed with sheer perfection. These cats know the deal; they have build their very own empire to their personal august taste made of emerald waste and flickering on forever like dusty copper and dirty bronze…

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