donderdag 17 januari 2013

Gods Monkey heads off into the studio…

Gods Monkey heads off into the studio…

Gimme your cash says the monkey! Well; Gods Monkey is heading back into the studio. But this time around they are looking to do it even better. And seeing as this social media thing is usually used for all the wrong reasons let’s consider a right one. How? What? Why? Well; the guys from Gods Monkey could use your help. Why not pre-order the album before it has even been recorded? Just transfer € 20,- to account number 1334.569.169 in regard of C.Dobbelsteen, Geldrop, Netherlands. That buys you the album! And not only the album; no no no. You would also receive within fourteen days the one and only original limited Gods Monkey Mask. And if you wear this mask and take a crazy, absurd or kinky photo and send it to them; it shall be used for the cover or inside sleeve of the new record. Which means you will not only be the first to receive the album once it has finished; you will also be staring at your own crazy monkeyface! So; how about it? Feel like putting your money where your monkey is?! Send them your cash or contact them via this email: GODSMONKEY

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  1. BANANA TIME! Better get them some dinero. Otherwise the new album may sound like this: