zaterdag 8 december 2012

Camera – Radiate

Camera – Radiate
Bureau B – 2012
Rock, Kraut, Space
Rated: ****

Radiate is one of those albums that suddenly bursts onto the scene and is advised by an enormous variation of folks that all seek contact within a few days. The final push of the edge was when Doktor420 talked highly of it. Produced by the three-piece Berlin krautrock outfit Camera it leans towards spacerock while carving little snippets of something more psychedelic into their music. Their instrumental brushstrokes paint colorful and hypnotic paintings of bizarre landscapes and twisted universes. It has every characteristic from all those classic krautrock bands we come to hold so dear but they do not try to emulate; but rather re-invent them or continue down a path discovered decades before. So head on down to Berlin and walk through the city cause somewhere; on some dusty little corner between a bookstore and a thrift shop or under a dirty gray bridge Camera might be playing one of their guerilla gigs. It is true; great stuff comes from the weird, the sick, the daring and those few seconds of confidences that pushes you over the edge…

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  1. Supurb album, saw them play @ Yellowstock Winterfest....just AWESOME!