donderdag 22 november 2012

Black Science – An Echo Through The Eyes Of Forever

Black Science – An Echo Through The Eyes Of Forever
Self released – 2012
Rock, Space, Stoner, Psychedelica
Rated: ***

Space rock comes in many shapes, forms and dimensions but so blatantly sciency, esoteric and errrm spacy a band as Black Sience is, are rare to come by. On their third album An Echo Through The Eyes Of Forever they take us on another intergalactic hyper rock journey towards distant worlds and psychic plains. We’ve got warp drive noise explosions and electronic sounds cursing through the very fabric of these compositions without ever losing their rock foundations. But even then the music seems to be based more on a viscose fluid made of pure resonance. It’s a very own and very august universe of music and stylings that Black Science created. Twisted and distorted only by the overwhelming story lines and teachings that hide amongst the ruins of those slow dying song aftertastes. And a lasting aftertaste it has to be; for Black Science apparently has thrown in the towel for now… But a resurrection must surely be looming somewhere in this galaxy...

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