dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

Sons of Kings – Emersion

Sons of Kings – Emersion
Self released – 2012
Rock, Ambient, Psychedelica
Rated: ***

I only know a few Finnish words, Kippis and Tiistai are two of them and they have little to no merit mentioning them now. I just did it anyway. The four Finnish guys from Sons of Kings serve us two tracks on their first official release called Emersion. It’s a deep-sea diving expedition into meditative realms and psychedelic ambient soundscapes. And endless dripping faucet slowly wearing away your defense against sweet dreams, weird hallucinations or perhaps even malicious nightmares. Ancient mysteries and hallowed secrets are cautiously revealed and only in part translated into an intelligible tongue; the rest is up for each and every one of their listeners to comprehend themselves. It is an adventure. And one that is never easy but comes with great rewards. Understanding the universe…

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  1. Deepseadiving it is! Let's search for that golden urchin!