dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

Krang and Shooting Guns – Split record

Krang and Shooting Guns – Split record
Psychic Handshake Recordings – 2012
Rock, Psychedelic, Garage
Rated: ***

A two-track split record by two fine Canadian bands hailing from two Sassy towns. First up is Krang from Saskatoon that gives us a psychedelic garage track called Shake Joint and pinballs between floaty space rock and airy seventies freak out. Want to dust of you karma and clean out your chakra’s? Shake Joint is the right kind of boogie to do so. Weaving like a whirl and whirling like a dervish. After which Saskatchewan’s Shooting Guns take over with their track called Sky High And Blind and lead you on a crusade through a charred landscape towards burning red mountains and smoky rubble. Heavy on the riffs and steady on the rhythm. Two completely different tracks one for around midnight and one for in the dead of night. You choose which and when!

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