maandag 15 oktober 2012

Circassian – Procrastinational

Circassian – Procrastinational
Spinalonga Records – 2012
Rock, Psychedelica, Stoner, Space
Rated: ***

As our Greek friends suffer more and more with each day that passes because of something that does not really exist we listen to some floating and hopeful new age stoner by the four compadres listening to the name Circassian. As we roll over the waves and leave our footprints in the sand, we bop away passed the breakers like a thrown away can. Like a message in a bottle meant for a faraway shore; lifting our spirits up passed forever and forever more. Aah yes, those last lines may sound a bit too out there or dreamy; but that’s what these three tracks do to you. They make you dream and long for better things. And with their Eastern vibe and captivating guitarlines they give it something resonating in righteousness, honest, wise and omniscient. They seem to tap into the old soul of the world. It feels like a meditating soundtrack…

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