dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Cerber – Mammothian

Cerber – Mammothian
Self released – 2012
Rock, Metal, Core, Stoner, Sludge
Rated: ***

From a little city called Olsztyn in Poland comes Cerber, a heavy hitting three piece outfit that just delivered their second EP this year called Mammothian. With relentless movement they stomp out their sludgy metal and stoner hardcore turning it almost industrial on certain fleeting moments.  Founded in 2010 the trio has been improving their craft ever since their first demo From Dust in 2011 and the earlier this year released Mad At The Soul EP. Especially during the instants where they let atmosphere seep through and their pounding slows down we almost hear them grow right then and there and hear a seductive charm emerge. And that’s when the strange ferocious wildness starts again. It almost feels like you’re approaching ‘the edge’ which is ofcourse impossible to explain. They pull back though and the let beast wind down. Leaving the listener fulfilled and with blood strained eyes on a curb somewhere waiting for a ride back home wondering how he got there in the first place. Yes, Cerber knows its speed and knows how to explore the limits. Let’s hope they keep pushing them…

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