donderdag 20 september 2012

Strings of Atlas – So Far From Home

Strings of Atlas – So Far From Home
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Alternative, Psychedelic
Rated: ****

Somewhere in the windswept outback of El Paso, Texas back in 2006 a lone cowboy starts wandering around trying to sell his tunes, making a buck playing and finding likeminded souls to jam with. And he did find them. About a year ago the three amigos started jamming and formed a rock outfit called Strings Of Atlas. Main man behind it though is lone cowboy, singer and axe-man Atlas Cage. With enough blues to last a lifetime the man excels in painting pictures both bleak, full of anguish but still retaining that small glimmer of hope. Their record So Far From Home is filled with a mighty groove and their desert rock thunders over you like a gigantic herd of stampeding buffalo’s. But that passes and then the dust slowly settles but fast enough so the dirt never suffocates. Leaving you with a soulful seventies rock rendition of something funky and something intensely groovy. Angry riffs, wailing wah’s and fuzzy chords. Highly diverse compositions and with enough nods in the right direction. (Kinks, Kravitz, Monster Magnet) Aaah yes, there’s still time to repent. Our souls shall be saved; as long as we keep spinning Atlas…

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  1. Soulful indeed!!!

    And we thank the honorable Mr. Vanbelle for this tip!