vrijdag 21 september 2012

Ogressa – Warts And All

Ogressa – Warts And All
Dali's Llama Records – 2011
Rock, Stoner, Desert, Doom, Metal, Punk
Rated: *****

Released in 2011 the Ogressa album Warts And All seemed to have passed by most of us without noticing it. Which is weird for it features many legends of the scene. Main songwriter and guitarist is Zach Huskey (Dali’s Llama), lead vocals are handles by Trent Ramseyer (Whores of Tijuana). On drums we hear Ian Dye (Ape Has Killed Ape) and main bass monster is Mike Jacobson (Hot Beat Pussy Fiend). Guesting on bass on a few tracks is Scott Reeder and Joe Dillon (Dali’s Llama) on guitar. And that isn’t the only freakin surprise; for the sheer awesomeness of all the tracks takes you soul by storm and makes it twitch and tweak and vibrate on a completely differen pitch. This is exactly how we all want all of our records to sound like. Heavy, downtuned, low an dirty with a massive groove and incredible tasty vocals. Riffs that make your fingers melt with anxiety and pounding rhythms that make your ankles weak with lust. There hasn’t been a release like this for many a year; and there probably never will. For the only band that could top this was Kyuss…

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  1. This is indeed one amazing piece of music! Let's find out if they got it on vinyl!!!