woensdag 6 juni 2012

Dust Storm Warning – Dust Storm Warning

Dust Storm Warning – Dust Storm Warning
Acid Cosmonaut Records – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Psychedelica
Rated: ****

The Italian Dust Storm Warning was formed in 2010 and delivered their first self-titled EP at the end of summer in the year 2011. Which was met with great reviews, loads of cheers and comparisons to Clutch, Fu Manchu, Truckfighters and Kyuss. After which a new singer came into the picture and the mighty work was started for their debut album. Their self-titled full-sized album has now been released and keeps trucking down that same desert highway they were on a year before. This time around though the sound is richer, more diverse and there is room for some slow psychedelic maneuvering. And especially during those slower grooves, which emit that sandy heat that warms the cold winter bones, does their ability become apparent. Not that those fast paced fuzzed out heavy hitters don’t convince; they are just less distinct. The combination between the two culminates to sheer perfection in the track Rise. A rare beautiful gem of heavy riffs and atmospheric notes that will travel fat into the distant future… Beware; a storm approaches!

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