woensdag 23 mei 2012

Monsters of The Ordinary – On The Edge and Beyond

Monsters of The Ordinary – On The Edge and Beyond
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner
Rated: ****

When yer talking about classical music and the opera, Vienna, Austria has long since been the epicenter of Europe and the World. But under the grand and majestic cloak of this charming city there is a raw undercurrent of powerful rock. One of those bands that float through that grubby stream is Monsters of The Ordinary. A foursome that released their first EP Stuck Inside Your Mind in 2008 and followed that a year later with Collisions & Encounters. Both heavy stonerrock gems in the vein of the Palm Desert scene. And with their first full-sized album On The Edge And Beyond they continue on along the path paved by Kyuss and Queens of The Stone Age. It borders on the verge of copying or emulating; but they do this with so much heart and passion that it does not annoy or give friction. Instead we smile a gigantic smile and bop along on a mighty groove and twist our neck on tasty riffs and masterful drums. With small tingles of progressive rock, garage and the psychedelic seventies Monsters of The Ordinary deliver on hell of a parasol

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