donderdag 10 mei 2012

Icarus Gasoline – Secuencia Gris para los Pájaros

Icarus Gasoline – Secuencia Gris para los Pájaros
Self released – 2004
Rock, Stoner, Desert
Rated: *****

On their first record Secuencia Gris para los Pájaros, the four Icarus Gasoline friends from Chile create the mirage where they will return to on their second album. This time around though the sound is heavier and muddier. As if the desert has just recovered from massive rainfall and the cracked ground is struggling to retain the moisture. Really thick sounds move across spacious compositions, repetitive structuring and vigorous rhythms. The expert handling of their instruments are apparent and absolutely somniferous; and are this time around completed by weird morsels, eerie noises and what sounds like strange household appliances or dissonant cowbells. And once again the vocals are the absolute icing on the cake! This is highly hypnotic music from a completely different level; one that will make you buy an airplane ticket to fly alongside all the gray and colorful birds to Santiago just to see them play live. There is no escaping that fact. Cautivará a la audiencia!

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  1. you can download the complete album at our soundcloud..

    and her's an interview at Mtv Iggy!