woensdag 2 mei 2012

Dumbsaint – Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form

Dumbsaint – Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form
Bird’s Robe Records – 2012
Rock, Post, Metal, Prog
Rated: ***

Based out of Sydney, Australia the instrumental three-piece Dumbsaint has just released their debut album Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form. Created around 2007 as an extra outlet for their musical imagery the film students use visual effects during their live shows and with it create an entirely new cinematic horizon. As can be seen on their 2009 DVD Perennial 2009. On their first record however they take all the essentials from bands such as Isis and Tool and turn it into their own sound experiment. With only a minimum in atmospheric change throughout the record the songs specialize in bringing together the fragile moments and the heavy explosions. But after a few plays there is that nagging feeling that something is missing or that something overused in the post-rock-progressive-metal scene is ever present. It leaves you wanting more; more of Dumbsaint and of the three-piece that hides below the surface. For their technical and spacious drumming, the emotional and ethereal guitars and the incredible basswork shows clearly that there is brilliance lurking in those murky waters…

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