vrijdag 20 april 2012

Levon Helm 26-05-1940 – 19-04-2012

Levon Helm

Where were you when the fun stopped? One of the greatest musicians of our time passed away yesterday afternoon. Drummer and singer Levon Helm from The Band lost his battle with throat cancer. He was one of the founders of Americana and a seminal force within The Band and gave us so many wonderful tunes. He was the true Voice of America. And, after The Band split up, he kept touring, wrote a hilarious memoir, and then started hosting the Midnight Ramble in his barn in upstate New York. With the perfect ability to drag out the beat or to drive it forward and his distinct voice he will sound on forever and into legend. He is high energy; propane propulsion. Sentimental people might call it inspiration, but what they really mean is fuel. And on long nights driving a car with the gas needle on empty the right kind of music will make it run for at least fifty miles more. And with The Weight on repeat or Levon Helm’s steady beat gunning that motor; it will surely make it to yet another twenty… Today we listen to the incredible collection of records left behind by Levon Helm…

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