woensdag 18 april 2012

Cachimbo De Paz – Use The Fuzz

Cachimbo De Paz – Use The Fuzz
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Groove
Rated: ****

Cachimbo de Paz also hails from the dark and bloody grounds of Austria but is completely different from Parasol Caravan. Both play music that borders on the general stoner and pure rock area. But where Parasol Caravan plays more in the vein hard and southern rock styled music, Cachimbo de Paz plays groove rock that reminds of doom and sludge though never gets that dark. Their airy and light version of the evil rock is filled with fuzzed out guitars and amazing basswork. They seem to have a special talent for incorporating small influences from surf and even African or Arabian music. Though the sudden change in vocals in Stare Into The Sun from low and clean to even lower, gritty and grimy comes as a surprise and takes a moment getting used to. But once the coin drops you will seer with these guys. And if this Use The Fuzz album was meant as a contest, which it isn't; Cachimbo De Paz uses the fuzz more. But it might be best to just let them both do their own guitar talking in a venue near you…

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