donderdag 19 april 2012

The Bonesinner – Promo

The Bonesinner – Promo
Self released – 2012
Singer-Songwriter, Rock
Rated: ***

He invokes the sort of atmosphere that holds the middle ground between spiritual calls for hope and redemption, smoke fueled blues and songs for the doomed. A sort of mixture between David Eugene Edwards, Nick Drake and Mark Lanegan but with a Spanish or flamenco twist. Mario Sánchez Gómez is his name and The Bonesinner is his musical endeavor. After playing in multiple bands around the globe he decided to go solo; just a guy and his guitar. Two tracks recorded in 2010 in Madrid are the only songs to go by, but judging from this duo of tunes he is a spirited singer with a gift to move. Let’s hope he keeps developing his skills while trucking around the world and playing in every dustbin of a bar in a neighborhood near you…

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