donderdag 19 april 2012

Beitthemeans – Head Held High

Beitthemeans – Head Held High
Ol Elegante Records – 2011
Rock, Southern, Hard, Blues, Stoner
Rated: *****

The Alabama trio Beitthemeans returned to the southern rock front in 2011 with their sophomore effort Head Held High. A masterpiece of swampy tunes, filled with washing riffs, smoky jingles and enough blues to kick Santa off the wagon and get that bearded freak hooked on crack. It’s got that raw and raunchy attitude and a throat that hits you like a kick in the guts and leaves you awestruck and in agonizing pain. The guys had been touring since their foundation was laid in 2003 and recorded their first album Crude Alabama Storytellers in 2008. It shows once more that true musicians learn their craft on the road and not via some lame ass weekly television show. Head Held High shows an ability honed to sheer perfection; whether it be the unparalleled drums, the elegant riffs and lines, the torturing screams, the swaggering vocals or the highly effective basslines. They all border on eerie perfection and sing high that proud southern soulful spirit…

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