vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Vagitarians – Wood

Vagitarians – Wood
Self released – 2012
Sludge, Doom, Metal
Rated: ***

The five Vagitarians hail from the liquor soaked grounds of Warsaw, Poland and started their lunching and munching in 2008. A year later they released their first demo called Flesh And Bones, which consists of four tracks that remind of a sludge and stoner outfit with hardcore roots running for the bus. After which their ability and prowess improved considerably and can easily be judged by their 2011 semi acoustic EP Stoner Bones Blues. And as that title already hints; it contained a tinge of blues and lot of progressive structuring. Add those two EP’s together and we get a nice gist of what their 2012 album Wood results to. A heavy sludge and doom inspired metal album with hardcore nuances, progressive compositions and blues on the very point of the needle. This is scarred charcoal southern sludge blackened by grimy riffs and guttural vocals. And even though the screams do disturb and bewilder, my own little twang of complain; why not use that clean voice once every so often? Maybe it’s got its mouth full? Smacznego!

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