donderdag 8 maart 2012

Le Scimmie – Dromomania

Le Scimmie – Dromomania
Self released – 2011
Stoner, Doom, Noise, Garage
Rated: ***

Dromomania is the debut album of the Italian duo Le Scimmie. Recorded in only four days this instrumental piece of work is heavy laden with inspiration and ideas. The project started in the year 2007 and had a clear aim; to get as raw as possible with a minimal amount of instrumentation. Their ramshackle progressive garage sound is translated into smashing riffs that change speed and hue in an instant, evolving the melody from grim to driving and the atmosphere from accepting to frustrating. And then they take their thrash punk structure and turn all of it into a rainbow of stoner, doom and noise. Viewed separately the ten tracks amount to little more then fading fragments of a nightmare. But when listened to as whole it seems to be telling a tall tale of adventures through a sick and twisted landscape. Bella zio!

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