donderdag 29 maart 2012

Bud Spencer Blues Explosion – Do It

Bud Spencer Blues Explosion – Do It
Self released – 2011
Rock, Blues, Garage, Stoner
Rated: *****

The third installment of the Italian magic duo Bud Spencer Blues Explosion is like a golden stick of dynamite. This blast will ring on forever and ever into legend. The title Do It is the shortened version of the song Dio Odia I Tristi; which means that God Hates Sadness. And one can definitely not be sad when listening to this heavy rocking beauty of an album. This one incorporates the desert virtuosity of Homme; the search for bluesroots of White and merges it with that seventies sound they do so well, the garage that started it all and their exceptionally bright and cheerful breezy songs for the longest days of the year. This album is the perfect example of what a duo may accomplish if they are like one. And they are a miraculous one at that; two that know what the exact amount of nostalgia is, which is needed to get the emotional juices flowing without becoming retro or old. A platinum kaboom with a rain shower of precious gems!

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  1. I find now that buba is the key to all posts of stoner hive. I did´nt know you had links in this blog, hahaha!!
    Later better than never...

    Saludos amigo.

  2. Hohoho! You had not realized that I provided the gold for my buddy? Nice! Anyway; should you find something you missed and would love to sample. Be sure to let me know!

    Disfrute del fin de semana!