donderdag 29 maart 2012

Bud Spencer Blues Explosion – BSBE

Bud Spencer Blues Explosion – BSBE
Yorpikus – 2009
Rock, Blues, Garage, Stoner
Rated: ****

The sophomore self-titled album of the Italian duo Bud Spencer Blues Explosion is a righteous continuation of their first album. Signed to the Yorpikus label the two got to work in taking their sound from the debut to their logical extremes. It’s is hard rocking seventies Zeppelin and Hendrix; old down and dirty delta blues and an incredible Chemical Brothers cover of Hey Boy, Hey Girl. But ofcourse we also get those little springtime easygoing and juicy ditties; the ones that will make your head bop while drinking a beer on some city terrazzo or lying in the grass somewhere surrounded by half naked women playing Frisbee. Errr.. And all done in an extremely matter of fact natural way that drugs you and leaves you helpless to their virtuosity. It moves you and makes your limbs twist in ways you never thought possible. Explosive stuff!

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