dinsdag 6 maart 2012

Bronson – For Every Action, There’s A Jackson

The lovely Jen Khobran who founded Bronson...

Bronson – For Every Action, There’s A Jackson
Big Lizard Records / Self released – 2003
Rated: ****

Bronson started out in 2002 and consists of four guys who also played or play in Fuzztub, Malachite, Plaster of Paris, Halfcocked, Slunt and Blue Man Group. (Yes, those blue fuckers.) Their five song EP from 2003 called For Every Action, There’s A Jackon is filled with groovy, fuzzed out, desert style stoner rock. In the vein of Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Nebula and Queens Of The Stone Age these guys rock hard and let them jams do the kicking. Too bad it ended prematurely when the label ceased to exist and all members left for other bands. Maybe a call to reunite via social media might get hem back together; we all know it worked for Channel Zero…

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  1. Excellent EP! Further Jen projects are pretty awesome too!