dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Deadbeat Passenger – Demo

Deadbeat Passenger – Demo
Self released – 2010
Rock, Blues, Garage, Psychedelics
Rated: ****

After The Bloody Honkies ceased to be and the members went their separate ways, the brothers Mul started their own project called Deadbeat Passenger. It was a short-lived project that garnered serious attention but could not hold on to the magic that was felt during the first sessions with the lovely drummer Danielle van Gaalen and bassist David van Lochem. We are left with a three-track demo and a song that was added to a Dutch collection record. It has a similar sound to the Honkies but with more roots and Americana influences and even has something that usually only Norwegian bands have. Something cold but steamy and something wide, weird and full of air. Driven by fat blues riffs that flusters the gut and excites the blood that courses through your veins the songs put their hooks in you on a first listen. Wild driving music! And since it’s Valentine’s day; let’s profess our love to the lovely Danielle!

1 opmerking:

  1. Excellent tracks! Has a sort of Doors feeling to it! Let's hope these guys resurface fast!