dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Pothead – USA!

Pothead – USA!
Janitor / Snakefarm – 1993
Rock, Stoner, Punk
Rated: ***

In 1990 two Seattle brothers went on holiday through Europe. Partially because they needed a break from the music scene back home. Partially because they needed a break from their own bands. Totally smitten with Berlin they decided to stay there. But they kept travelling across Europe and in Spain they come across the punk band The Accused. They dug the style and their DIY attitude. And only a few months later they started their band Pothead. Their first album USA! was meant as a demo record to procure gigs around Europe. With a different selection they jammed around and ended up in a studio to record USA! on various occasions and with different players. It’s a hard-hitting record without relent. It was meant to be heavy and straightforward; easy to play for anyone entering the band on a spur moment. It kept in vein with the punk spirit at the time and it was a question of pure survival. Getting gigs and staying alive. It was the last song of the album that actually got everyone’s attention. Child was recorded by ‘accident’ and was the first of their down-tuned, slower tracks. Double Black was added later on as last track and has that same feel as Child; new possibilities and less aggressive!

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  1. Excellent record. But the later ones get better and better!