woensdag 11 januari 2012

Pothead - Rumely Oil Pull

Pothead - Rumely Oil Pull
Janitor / Orange Haus Empire – 1994
Rock, Stoner, Grunge
Rated: ****

Naming your second album after a line of farm tractors from 1910-1930 is definitely a statement; and it must have meant that they dug the possibilities of less aggressive rock, slowly advancing and more in tune with nature. And so after the brothers moved Pothead to Berlin they started work on their second album with the help of a drum computer. Which they ofcourse hated and so they put an add in the local newspaper. Through which they found their full time drummer Sebastian Meyer. And so it was time to continue on; slowly. Rumely Oil Pull is the result of those discoveries. A steady head bang march across the land with much more melody and less punk. It varies between high-spirited mellow grunge and wide horizon stoner. It’s for the minds that work overtime and for the thoughts that are never in any way complacent. And the fine balance between the constant improvement and their own sound continued on for the next two albums Dessicated Soup and Burning Bridges. Where Soup incorporated more blues and Bridges more classic rock. And cemented their place in rock history…

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