vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Ocean Mind – Ocean Mind EP

Ocean Mind – Ocean Mind EP
Self released – 2011
Rock, Alternative, Psychedelic
Rated: ***

We are talking powertrio here. A Greek powertrio to be precise. Ocean Mind was formed the beautiful city of Athens in the spring of 2008 with a pure longing for performing some heavy psychedelic rock music in the vein of The Doors, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. It definitely has that psychedelic and progressive sound but also incorporates loads of present day influences to make it sound shiny and new. They make every track come across as a sun blistered journey towards an unknown destination; but one that has to be made. They love their squealing guitars and rumbling drums. Their new album is tighter, harder and more mature then their first record Alone We Walk, Together We Fly from 2009. Maybe thanks to the help of producer Lee Popa who helped out during the recording sessions in Los Angeles. No gadgets, no trickery; pure and unadulterated rock!

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