dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Mikirurka – I Hate You Rock ‘N Roll

Mikirurka – I Hate You Rock ‘N Roll
Self released – 2010
Rock, Stoner, Funk, Punk, Garage
Rated: ***

After the incredible 2010 album Blood & Fire by Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster I was sure that those guys would find their way back to the top. Unfortunately it was not to be and the band dissolved. The reason for mentioning this is the fact that the Polish formation Mikirurka resembles EMBLD after being mixed in a blender with Queens Of The Stone Age and some age-old funk. Started off as a one-man project in 2005 it quickly turned into a full-fledged band around 2007 when a drummer and guitarist were found. A year later the bassist joined and after that an extra guitar player was found. The five of them decided to not follow any pre-existing road and set out to carve a niche for themselves. They combine a horrorpunk feel with some pinches of gothabilly and funk and smear that across their own variation to stoner and groovy rock. It might not be as furious as Blood & Fire, but definitely as exciting, chaotic and manic; and it will weaken your mind but strengthen your heart!

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  1. Mikirurka aka Mickey Rourke is a damn fun listen and has some great moments!