dinsdag 17 januari 2012

Doctor Cyclops – The Doctor Cyclops

Doctor Cyclops – The Doctor Cyclops
Self released – 2010
Rock, Stoner, Hard, Psychedelics
Rated: ****

Founded in 2007 in Bosmenso Italy, Doctor Cyclops is keeping it’s one eye on the ball while juggling all the heavy stuff that has been out there since the magical riff was born. Releasing their first EP The Personal Demon(s) in 2009 and re-releasing it the following year with an added extra live track under the title: The Doctor Cyclops. It uses a dark and twisted atmosphere as a fluid base and swims through the currents of seventies psychedelic rock, proto-stoner and retro doom. It gushes and it flows and washes over you like a warm wave of old school progressive rock. With a vintage sound the good Doctor smites us with five incredible tracks that are in line with their heroes: Truth and Janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Witchfinder General, Witchcraft, Firebird, Cathedral and Spiritual Beggars. High five this circle-eyed freak! It’s all happening man! It’s all happening!

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