vrijdag 6 januari 2012

The Barbarellatones – The Legend of Skunk Ape

The Barbarellatones – The Legend of Skunk Ape
Self released – 2011
Rock, Glam, Freak, Goth, Country, Glitter
Rated: ***

It’s cold and windy out here, the rain is hammering down and the land is on the verge of a flood. In these times of distress you need something to keep you warm. And that’s where The Barbarellatones come in handy. As freaky as freaks can be and as lovely and animalistic as a freshly washed poodle. There’s nothing wrong with these surfing Eskimos. They profess their love with the utmost of glee and cheerful detachment. The Legend Of Skunk Ape is a one-track legendary tale of masterful precision; lacking nothing and sparkling with enthusiasm. It makes you long for those swampy nights filled with hairy beasts and distant relatives wearing wolf masks. Inviting the local farmers to join in, in some sick and twisted ritual on a worn down sacrificial slab. Although after picturing that image just now; it might be better to just go back to rehab. This here song; and their new video posted below must surely turn all you freaks out there on and wish for something more substantial from frontman Robbie Quinn; maybe something on the subject of the Sound of Love…

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