zaterdag 24 december 2011

Number 5

“Momma, she’s not okay, she lights a candle, for everyday, that you’re away…”

Number 5

Before we get to the top four; who are in a league of their own, with number four besting number five with more than twenty points difference. We will still need to deal with these fun motherfuckers. Barbarically beautiful, gritty, muddy and hard. Swinging stoner alternated with smoky groove and swampy metal. Raw, infectious, entertaining and above all great fun. Cause these guys know not to take things too seriously, or not at all. They serve their metal and stoner mix with a hefty sauce of punk and comedy. Balancing beautifully between popular and dry, pounding and catchy and sharp and edgy. And it might all just be a trick; but I sure as hell have fallen for it…

Red Fang - Murder The Mountains

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  1. Incredibly entertaining! For the Dutchies, they'll be the pre-show to Mastodon in 013, Tilburg!