zondag 18 december 2011

Number 14

“No, I’m not a bunny!!!”

Number 14

I asked these guys recently where they met the Devil last year; seeing as their in 2011 released album was so much better that their 2010 one. They just laughed and refused to really answer the question. It might have been due to the Hertog Jan beer the The Machine guys bought them or the Dutch stew they were gobbling down; but I reckoned they’d rather not talk too much about the fact they sold their soul. But hey, I’d sell my own without hesitation if the beast would let me make a record like this filled to the rim with phenomenal heavy blues songs, groovy stoner and seventies hardrock. A wild and haunting voice in full overdrive sounding extremely righteous and when the fascinating rhythms coarse through your veins you are simply hypnotized. As if the Devil himself has gotten hold of you and enchanted you with incredible riffs, dark drums and a full trotting bass that defines everything. And when the dust settles… The Devil has gotten hold of yet another soul…

Lonely Kamel - Dust Devil

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