woensdag 2 november 2011

Your Highness – Cults ’n Cunts

Your Highness – Cults ’n Cunts
Hammerheart – 2011
Metal, Stoner, Sludge
Waardering: ***

Floating on the cold autumn wind that moves through the streets of Antwerp, heavy and powerful desert tunes can be heard. Tunes that would normally be made by crazy American gentlemen of bands such as Kyuss, Mastodon or Baroness. But these guys are from the Belgian soil and the five of them listen to the name Your Highness. Their debutalbum Cult ’N Cunts is a full rush and a continuously driving, pounding and milling metal record that never gives a moment of peace. Bawler Ben Baert screams himself silly for thirty minutes with an awesome voice and even if this could be met with a bit more change in the future. And even if now all the songs are flattened a bit by his voice; except closing track Hoogheid which might be looked upon as the highlight. It’s still filled with shrieking solo’s, thundering drums and tight riffs. And maybe not everything on the record is extremely original; but every song does hit you over the head with a pikeperch, carp, plaice or other dead fish. Why they do this might not be completely clear; but it does drive you pretty good and wickedly insane!

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  1. HAH! Fun stuff! Seen them live once, awesome atmosphere!