dinsdag 22 november 2011

Molior Superum – Towards The Haze

Molior Superum – Towards The Haze
Self released – 2011
Rock, Stoner, Seventies, Space, Funk, Garage
Rated: ****

Hailing from little specks on the Swedish map like Stenungsund and Orust in the north of Gothenburg with about 25.000 and 2000 residents; four young dogs found each other and started jamming together to form the Molior Superum band back in 2009 that we find before us today. And before they enter the studio in the beginning of 2012 to record their debut album we are treated to a three-song preview. Towards The Haze as the demo is called takes you on an old school spacerock and funkout journey that reminds of the freak bands from the seventies. It holds the old blues roots of the music in honor while going of on funk tantrums with garage speed. With a steady rhythm and massive freak outs; with drum fills a plenty and seminal guitar battles. And with an exciting distinctive voice it holds spectacular promise for what’s to come… Musical dynamite!

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