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Daniel Davies – Hidden Faces

Daniel Davies – Hidden Faces
Self released – 2011
Rated: ****

Daniel Davies, savior of Rich Mullins, savior of Karma To Burn and the man with on of the most haunting and emotional voices of this moment has just released his first solo EP. After two amazing records with Rich Mullins and Brad Hargreaves under the moniker Year Long Disaster and after helping return Karma To Burn back from the dead and fusing the two together. It became time to find a new project. He asked drummer Jess Margera of CKY and Company Band and bass player Brad Davis of Fu Manchu to accompany him. Under his own name he has now recorded five songs and released an EP called Hidden Faces into the world. More spacious and quiet than the YLD work and less stoner, though still filled with that pure rock sound and love for righteousness. Most of all Davies shows he is a great writer and composer. And an even bigger promise for future records…

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  1. Saviour of Karma to Burn? Daniel's a nice guy, somewhat odd unsurprisingly considering his upbringing, but Karma to Burn are definitely superior without him. The band didn't really like being a 4 piece and Will really hates vocals. There's talk of some stuff with Pepper from CoC which would be cool, will keep you posted if I hear anything :)

  2. Completely agreeing with the K2B should stay instrumental statement... (With the odd song here or there featuring vocals...) But there could not be a K2B without Rich... And since he only returned from the gutter thanks to that faithful night in the liqourstore where he met Daniel... Hence; Daniel the saviour!!!


    Keep me posted!!

  3. This guy comes from a rocker lineage (his father being a driving force in The Kinks) and seriously, as a solo musician is very proficient. With his soulful voice and his unique playing style (a must see), I've no doubt that sooner than later he'll find his own space with their new team mates, but I agree with the comments inside that the essence of the standard K2B sound is an instrumental power trio and the the four ocassional vocalists haven't given the profile, including Garcia (sorry John, not for you).


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