vrijdag 25 november 2011

Câimbra – É Tudo Uma Mentira

Câimbra – É Tudo Uma Mentira
Self released – 2011
Sludge, Metal, Hardcore
Rated: ****

The Brazilian third case version of Portuguese has always been hard to understand; so when the gritty and aggressive vocals of Câimbra screamed through my head I could only guess their meaning. For some reason I feel that this tribal delivery cannot mean they are talking about trivial things; I reckon universal and ancient truths must be uttered. And they do this via massive sludge build structures and hardcore explosions. The five guys founded their band in 2009 somewhere in the huge west São Paulo area after earning their spurs in other bands which all imploded. And with this five songs É Tudo Uma Mentira EP they explode outwards. Their burned remains make up this blackened and charcoal metal; it never gives you a moment peace or make you feel at ease. It knows exactly how to push the buttons of ill control and master that corrosive feeling. This is one for humid and warm nights; and truckloads of cachaça…

2 opmerkingen:

  1. And they are planning to release a fullsized album next year!

  2. We have just released a new EP.
    Check it out at caimbra.bandcamp.com