vrijdag 11 november 2011

Been Obscene – Night O’ Mine

Been Obscene – Night O’ Mine
Elektrohasch – 2011
Rated: *****

Last year’s album The Magic Table Dance by the Austrian debutantes Been Obscene made it to the number two of the Ultimate Stoner HiVe Top 20 list of that year, comprised out of 37 sent in lists. Beating number three with a landslide and receiving only six points less than number one. So when it was announced that the guys were recording a new one for 2011; expectations soared! And right before December rolls around we are treated to their new record entitled: Night O’ Mine. Where they’ve taken their tasty, smooth, racy, succulent and muddy guitarsound and ran with it. Evolving their ability, song structures and incorporating much more of their own identity. Cause on their first record it sounded like the desert had moved to the high Alps. This time around we are treated to mountain stoner and high altitude psychedelic tunes. It is meant to stand for ages without becoming too serious or too solid. Cause it flows like a river and feels like one of those lucid hangover moments when inspiration and imagination runs high. The sheer amount of fun making the record shines through; and the way the drum has improved and the falsetto singing is simply amazing. In short Night O’ Mine is a testament for good rock and what the pure mountain air can do for ones soul…

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  1. Excellent record! And offered online by the guys themselves. Saw them last year in a very small bar with twenty people there. Awesome deliverance!