donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Sex Type Thing – Checked Up By Time

Sex Type Thing – Checked Up By Time
Self released / RAIG – 2011
Rock, Hard, Stoner, Grunge, Alternative
Waardering: **

The groundwork for the Russian Sex Type Thing was already laid back in the late nineties when singer Michael Chigidin and guitarist Pavel Voinov played together in bands like Airbag, Ty Cobb and Ebola before starting Sex Type Thing in 2001. But it took them to eight years to get that band going and release their debut album Southern Dreams From Northern Reality. Two years on they are set to release their follow-up: Checked Up By Time. Here we can hear their alternative nineties rock roots shine through and sound a bit like the later Nickelback variation to the theme. But we also hear some harder Pearl Jam and the obvious Stone Temple Pilots influences. Heavy blues and logical choruses. Checked Up By Time is not a bad album; but a bit too mediocre and nowhere does it become exciting of surprising. Best song is by far the different bluesy last track of the record called: Long Way Home Blues. Maybe with the change in bassist and drummer it will take a bit longer for the Russians to become balanced again; cause now they do not carry enough of their own weight to the table…

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