maandag 3 oktober 2011

Morkobot – Morbo

Morkobot – Morbo
Supernatural Cat – 2011
Rock, Robot, Instrumental
Waardering: *****

Picture old worn down factories still operational; with brass and copper robots hard at work; hammering and beating and big steam exhausts everywhere huffing and puffin; with automatic lines gone haywire and every tool hitting another different piece of pipe to the rhythm of some weird and ancient beat. The new album Morbo from the Italian three-piece formation Morkobot is the perfect copy of such a profound imagery and is live performed with equal zeal and perfection as on record. With their hypnotic, obscure and ever changing time signatures they weave intricate and sublime pieces of chaotic jams to occupy your mind. Morkobot has never been easy listening; but with this album they take it a step further and demand your utmost attention. The two bass’s focuses your brain on the complex riffs and rhythm arrangements while the drums complete these, keeps them in line and fills them up like a magnetic beast. This is no music for the quiet soul; but for the disgruntled steamrobot about to break down and collapse into a million little pieces of machine…

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